Welcome!  Thanks for visiting Heal from Pet Loss.  I created this organization following the deaths of my sweet dogs Pepper and Zep within four months of each other.  Their deaths inspired me to create Heal from Pet Loss,  a CD of affirmations and inspiration with accompanying educational booklet.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania with specialized training in bereavement, I am hoping to support as many animal lovers as possible in the deep grief that comes from losing a beloved companion.  For many of us our pets are family members and the grief is very deep.  I invite you to share your comments and experiences as well as to check out my links to excellent pet loss resources, and listen to excerpts of my CD at www.HealFromPetLoss.com.

Thank you for being part of my mission and passion.


Karen Litzinger

Pepper, Karen and Zep



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  1. Dear Karen,

    Your site is nice. I lost Dinah, my first love, in February and I’m still adjusting. Perhaps someday, I will only think of her happily. She was a 15-yo blue Weimar (my pic). Bless you for your work 🙂

    • Jewels,

      I’m so sorry I missed your note until now. I am so sorry for your loss of Dinah. I hope some of my resource links on my site can be helpful to you, especially the chat rooms at the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement.


    • Hi Dinah,

      I’m wondering how you are doing with your loss of Dinah last year. I really don’t do so much with technology and am just catching up now as I’ve been posting about the loss of my own dog, Tika, last week. Thanks for your nice note, and I’m extremely sorry I didn’t reply earlier!

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