Unconditional Love of Dog and God

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The Valentines holiday makes most people think of love.  Among other things it makes me think about the unconditional love of our animals.  As a pet loss counselor, I’m often asked why many people grieve more deeply for the death of an animal companion than for many human family members.  My answer is always: Unconditional Love.

My experience is more with dogs, but I think despite varying species personalities, animals are truly giving and there for us.  We don’t receive the judgment we might with other humans, and they love us despite our many frailties.

This weekend is also the anniversary of the death of my dog, Zep.  It was the Sunday of Valentine’s weekend of 2007 when I needed to make the unexpected decision of euthanasia for my 13 year old sweet dog.  It is hard for most of us to make that caring, humane decision, even if you are trained in pet loss grief.

So in honor of Zep and all special dogs, living or deceased, I would like to offer the following video tribute to unconditional love:


A friend and colleague of mine sent me this lovely piece produced by Wendy Francisco called “GoD and DoG”.  She found it comforting following the death of her own dog.  Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you’ve probably heard the reference of DOG is GOD spelled backwards.  I think you’ll enjoy this perspective of dog love.

My tribute to the love of my dogs, Pepper and Zep, is the CD they inspired me to produce, Heal Your Heart: Coping with the Loss of a Pet.  I hope this and the other resources on my web site can help those dealing with pet loss transform pain into loving memories.


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