Summer Fun for You and Your Pet

July 17, 2010 at 4:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Everyone wants to head outdoors for some sunny activities during the summer, but once July hits, it seems like all options have been exhausted. Some summer activities that we love to do are also a great chance to bring your pet along for some exercise and fun. Think about it: we love to be outdoors, breathe fresh air, enjoy a splash in cool water, and to explore new places. Sounds like something any pet would love to do, too! Here are some great ways to switch things up and get outside this summer by bringing along your animal companion so they can take part in the fun, as well!

  • Go for a Hike: Hiking allows you, and your pet, to take in new sights, smells, and sounds all while getting in some great exercise. It’s different and more challenging than walking through your neighborhood, and probably a lot more fun. Call ahead to park services to see whether or not your pet can go off-leash and that pets are welcome. Bring lots of water for rehydrating and proper identification and a recent photo in case your pet runs off.
  • Go for a Swim: When temperatures reach brutal highs, what offers more relief than a splash in a pool or nearby waterway? Once again, swimming can be a great exercise for both pets and their owners, and is a summertime fun staple. Just remember to supervise your pet, give them a bath upon returning home to clean their coat from chemicals or buildup, and to dry their ears to prevent infection.
  • Go Camping: Like hiking, camping offers up a new experience every time because you never know what you’ll see or hear. Camping is a great way to spend time outdoors away from loud cars and pesky cell phones, offering relaxation for you and your animal companion. It’s always nice to get back to nature, and your pet will love being able to roll around in the dirt and leaves (and no muddy paw prints on the floor or carpet is something you’ll love!). Remember to call the park ranger’s office to ensure that the campground is safe for pets and pet-friendly.

Click here for a national listing of animal-friendly camping grounds.

  • Go for a Nap: Nothing seems more relaxing than taking a nap outside on a hammock under the shade of a tree. It’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day (or any time of the day, for that matter!) and to cool off. Your pet will love the idea of napping alongside of you and spending time together. It doesn’t require much activity, but napping is a great bonding experience for pet owners and their animal companions.

There are plenty more ways to have fun outdoors this summer with your pets, but half of the fun is coming up with new ideas for yourself! You never know how much fun (and exercise) you and your pet can have until you get out there and try it! So, enjoy these activities and get creative!

Click here to find a dog park in the Pittsburgh region, no-leash required parks, and dog park dos and don’ts

Scroll down for pet safety tips in hot summer temperatures under “How to Beat the Heat for Your Pets”.

Written by: Heal from Pet Loss intern Sean Mikita. Currently a senior at Duquesne University.


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  1. Just got back from an awesome annual River trip to Cooks Forest with the folks and little Fur Sister Tara…pictures to come on…meanwhile check out All Dogs Big and Small on Face Book to see where our Utopian bowls are going this summer!
    Woofs and Wags

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